We are finally getting more information regarding the PlayStation 5 games and hopefully more!

Last week, we got our first look and the pricing of Microsoft’s Xbox Series Sthe smaller and budget-friendly next-generation console. Soon after, to no one’s surprise, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X also made its way to the scene with an official release date as well as a price tag! 

Sal, being an Xbox enthusiast, was over the moon with the reveal and has already begun planning his expenditure for the new console. I won’t even be surprised if he bought both Xbox Series X as well as Series S! As for me, I was waiting on a very different next-generation console.

Sony has been too quiet with regards to its new PlayStation 5 pricing and release date. At first, it was just pure excitement, but now the wait has just turned into real torture, like waiting for a reply from a crush. When it had just seemed like the wait would never end, Sony reveals a light at the end of the tunnel.

PlayStation 5 games to be presented!

On Sony’s official PlayStation Blog page it was announced that a PlayStation 5 Showcase event would take place this week, on September 16. The event will supposedly run for about 40 minutes and will showcase games that are coming to the new console.

I’m hoping that they’ll be revealing a ton more about the various games with footages of it running on the new console just like they did with Godfall. I expect that we’ll even get to see more of Insomniac’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales game play on the PlayStation 5 and it’s going to look so good!

However, more importantly, I hope this event is also about finally revealing the release date and pricing of the new console. Oh, and it seems like the console is coming in a black colour variant as well based off the showcase trailer, which is excellent and hopefully true!

Now we have to wait, again, just a few more days for it. We are almost there people, fingers crossed!

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