Godfall just made it to the list of games that we want once the PlayStation 5 is out.

As with most games in the development phase, developers usually display their progress to the masses with a reveal trailer. In some rare cases, people love what they see from these first look trailer, but in most cases, it becomes a horrible eye-opener.

A great example would be Marvel’s Avengers game. When it got first revealed, people were extremely disappointed with what they saw, including me. The visuals were not up to the standard of the current generation console, nor were the character models any better. 

Then again, as I mentioned above, these trailers showcase games that are still undergoing development. So there’s still hope that the final product will be better. And for the most part, in our review of Marvel’s Avengers, it did get better but still wasn’t as great as it should have been.

Yet here’s another game, Godfall, that didn’t look good during its reveal but is currently turning heads around to notice it.

Enter Godfall!

Godfall got revealed in June earlier this year, and as expected, it wasn’t looking as good as it should for a PS5 titled game. The gameplay was very reminiscent of the latest God of War game, but the graphics of the game wasn’t impressive at all. It even felt like you were watching a trailer for a mobile game.

Now, with just a few days left before Sony showcases their upcoming PS5 games and hopefully more details on the console pricing and release date, Sony decides to tease us with a little something. Without any announcement, Sony dropped a trailer showcasing the combat of Godfall which I wasn’t ready for, nor was anyone I think.

Godfall is proof that some developers do listen. The entire trailer showcased a gorgeous game filled with astounding visuals! It looked like a whole new game, and it has positively proven itself as a next-gen game. Honestly, words cannot do justice to the game’s trailer. You’ll have to watch it for yourself, to appreciate its magnificence.

 My interest in the game has skyrocketed since I viewed the new trailer and I honestly cannot wait to try it out on the next-generation consoles. Godfall will be available a console exclusive on PS5 for a limited time and also on PC. The game is already up for pre-order for PC users on the site of EPIC Games

As for PlayStation users, there is no information regarding the game’s pre-order details as of now. However, I assume more news will be revealed soon, during Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase Event this week.

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