Borderlands 3 is shooting its way into next-gen!

Shooter games are amazing, but if you’re as bad as me, then it’s a complete horror show. Yet that all changed with the Gearbox’s Borderlands franchise and don’t get me wrong, I’m still bad at shooting, but it doesn’t matter even in the slightest! It’s all about the loot, crazy shooting which I’m quite good at and insane skill trees.

As much as Sal and I love the series and enjoyed playing Borderlands 3, the latest game in the franchise, there was just not much content in the endgame, at the time. Sure there have been additional content since then, but we have not had the urge to return to it; especially when there other games to consider now like Marvel’s Avengers. 

Yet now Gearbox may have lured us back in for another round of taking on Pandora and beyond!

Back to Borderlands 3 with you lot!

Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 will be available for next-generation PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, and it will also be completely free for current owners of the game. Gearbox ensures that the update will bring over your saved data along with any add-on contents. So Rejoice!

The game will come with a few notably upgrades as well. Players will be able to enjoy the game to it’s fullest with the support of 4K along with 60 fps. So get ready to experience the world of Pandora in a whole new light, and why not this time, do it with the function of a co-op?

That’s right; Borderlands 3 is finally getting the co-op functionality back, and it’s about time! You’ll be able to play the game, in a four-player or two-player local co-op split screen adventure. As for PS4 and Xbox One players, fret not, the new feature of the co-op mode will also be made available to you.

If these new features are not enough to bring you back to the game then maybe some new content will. Gearbox has also confirmed that additional DLC will be coming later this year that will consist of a new game mode along with a new skill tree for each character.

So get ready to dust off the old gun and proceed onward to looting!

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