The cat’s finally out of the bag for Microsoft…whether they want to or not. It’s long been rumored that the company’s preparing a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X and that rumor’s finally been confirmed with the reveal of the Xbox Series S.

While the specs haven’t been shown yet, we do know a couple of things. The newly revealed console is a much smaller machine than the Xbox Series X. In fact, the machine is said to be able to fit in the Xbox Series X.

Another thing we know is its price. It’s going to retail for US$299 which is about SG$410. I’m wagering that Microsoft’s not going to lower the price to SG$399 and instead opt for a solid SG$449 or maybe even a SG$499 price tag (perhaps with an Xbox Game Pass bundle?).

The smaller size and the (relatively) cheap price comes with a couple of drawbacks; the console lacks an optical drive and the hardware won’t be 4K capable natively. It’ll play the same games as the Xbox Series X, but performance will definitely be weaker on the Xbox Series X due to its inferior hardware when compared to its bigger brother.

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series X, which is aimed squarely at the hardcore gamers, is expected to retail at US$499 (~SG$683). For the Xbox Series X, I’m expecting a cool SG$699 price tag when it’s officially revealed for the local market.

Microsoft’s not officially revealed the pricing for the Xbox Series X, but the price is definitely in line with previous console releases.

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