TGS 2020 is still happening this year but differently.

Last year, Sal and I made our way to Tokyo Game Show 2019 where we had a blast! We got to experience some astounding games firsthand and faced some weird situations along the journey. If you thought that was the last of my TGS Stories entry, rest assured that more’s coming!

We planned to do the same with this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2020 as well, but it got cancelled because of COVID-19. DAMN YOU COVID-19! DAMN YOOOOOOOU! *angry geek noises*

However, there’s still hope for the event to continue!

A Virtual TGS Appears!

This year’s Tokyo Game Show 2020 will be held online from September 23rd to 27th 2020 for anyone who wishes to enjoy it! You won’t get to enjoy the awesome atmosphere of the Makuhari Messe, but the trade off is that you also won’t get to suffer through stinky, unwashed people.

The event will showcase over 400 registered exhibitors’ profile, games and services during the event period on their website. And the full list of participating exhibitors is available for viewing herebut since it’s in Japanese, you’ll have to use the translate function in your browser.

The main attraction of TGS 2020 is the streaming of Official Exhibitor Programs, that will take place over the entirety of the event. With 34 companies and 36 programs planned to be streamed live, you’ll want to make sure that you’re free during this period, so you don’t end up missing out on any of the exciting pieces of information.

Credits to TGS 2020 Online Press Release

If you don’t plan on watching the whole event but wish to catch the ones that matter to you, then you can plan your time accordingly to the streaming schedule of participating exhibitors.

The stream will be available for viewing on various platforms for you to choose, however as for the language, only some of the programs will be delivered in English and Chinese for overseas viewers.

The streaming platforms are YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, niconico, TikTok Live, Douyu (China), Bilibili (China), Douyin (China), and the Special Amazon Japan Venue.

With the launch of the next generation consoles so near, this is probably the last chance both Sony and Microsoft have to show off their hardware before the consoles are released!

I’m personally hoping for some blockbuster reveals from either company. A new Bloodborne (or even the original being upgraded with fancier visuals and cut content) from Sony would make me pee myself!

Make sure to tune in for all the surprises! Remember, Japan time is 1 hour ahead of SG time (GMT +8)!

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