With the not-so-surprising reveal of the Xbox Series S, anybody keeping an eye on the gaming scene can tell you that it was just a matter of time before Microsoft revealed one of the most anticipated news of the year; the Xbox Series X price!

That’s exactly what’s gone down.

As I predicted yesterday with the reveal of the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X will go on sale for US$499. There’s no word of local pricing yet, but US$499 is about SG$683 so expect the console to hit the $699 sweet spot or even $749 or $799 if Microsoft wants to jack up its pricing.

God, I hope not…Buying two consoles back to back is going to be killer on anybody’s wallet.

Microsoft’s still not made it known when the Xbox Series X will be available in Singapore, though its November 10 release date seems to be worldwide. Microsoft delayed the Singaporean launch of the Xbox One by almost a year, with the console only available locally on September 2014, a far cry from its November 2013 American release date.

Whether that’ll come to pass is anybody’s guess but we’ve reached out to Microsoft’s local representatives and will report back once we know more.

One other interesting tidbit of info was also released today; EA Play, EA’s on-demand gaming subscription service will also be free Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass PC subscribers. Whether you’re on an Xbox console or the PC, EA Play will deliver most of EA’s catalog for you to download and play, just like a Game Pass title.

EA Play’s other perks (like game trials and discounted prices) will also carry over into a Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass PC subscription.

There’s no date yet for when EA Play will be available, other than a vague Holiday 2020 given in a Microsoft announcement.

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