It’s all heating up folks as Microsoft Singapore’s finally confirmed launch details for Microsoft’s latest (and most powerful) console locally. Yup, the Xbox Series S and X Singapore launch is a go for November 10!

As Panda Grande surmised, the Xbox console launch is truly global…or at least global enough that we’re included.

Hey, I’m not complaining!

I had to import my old Xbox One through Amazon US when it came out. It was such a damn hassle…I had to buy a step down transformer (the voltage of the US set is different) just to get it to run locally.

I’ll say one thing for that set though…it’s a survivor. It’s still functional to this day! I’ve had 2 Xbox One Xs (I’m on my second one now after my first died) but ONLY that launch Xbox One. I sure as hell hope the Xbox Series S and X have that longevity.

Anyways, launch for Singapore is November 10, with the Xbox Series S (the one without the disc drive) going for SG$459 and the Xbox Series X going for SG$699.99 (yeah, it’s weird about the 99 cents).

Preorders will start later this month, on September 22.

Details aren’t revealed yet but we assume it’ll be done through the usual channels (online and in-store) so keep tuning in for more information as Microsoft Singapore releases more tidbits.

It’s a damn exciting time to be a console gamer folks. This upcoming generation looks to be off to a good start with a decent number of promising games coming out for both the Xbox and Playstation consoles.

While it’s true that Microsoft‘s biggest gun (Halo Infinite) has been delayed, the reveal that Gears Tactics is now a launch title for the next generation is a welcome one.

I really enjoyed playing through that game on the PC (read my review!) and can’t wait to replay it again on the Xbox Series X with all its bells and whistles!

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