You’ll be receiving your own TraceTogether Token very soon.

Earlier in March, the Government introduced the TraceTogether App to citizens to provide a smarter and efficient way of conducting contact tracing. By utilizing the Bluetooth functionality, the app is capable of keeping track of the individual’s roaming information if the need for contact tracing arises. Sure, it seems like a breach of privacy, but these drastic times require a firm precaution.

Now, the Government has decided to expand on this idea to make it easier for citizens to utilize this resource effectively while continuing the fight against COVID-19.

TraceTogether Tokens are meant to help.

From next Monday, September 14, the Government will be issuing TraceTogether tokens to all citizens starting with Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar districts.

The new initiative has been designed with the hope of assisting senior citizens, who may not have an electronic device to access the app or has difficulty with using the app. As senior citizens are the most vulnerable in this COVID-19 situation, the tokens will be extremely beneficial.

Along with the tokens, a new pilot curriculum will be implemented, that will require citizens to check-in at specific venues with the tokens or the app. These locations will include places where a large number of people may come together for an activity that might not allow them to employ masks as often.

The Government recently greenlighted the approach to allow larger exhibitions and conferences with up to 250 participants, and will most likely be utilizing the new pilot curriculum to ensure contact tracing.

The Tokens will get distributed by districts, starting with the areas populated with more senior members. The entire distribution process is expected to cover all areas by November.

For more information on where and when these Tokens will be distributed in your are, you can click here to visit the official site.

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