In the words of Mario: “Here we go!” With the game launching in about 6 weeks, full details on what we can expect out of Super Mario Maker 2 just dropped in today’s Nintendo Direct.

Super Mario Maker 2 will launch on June 28, and will reportedly have a bundle with a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription code for sale. Apart from that, the game itself introduces a ton of new features! Overall, it promises to be a large upgrade from the previous Super Mario Maker.

For full details, watch the Nintendo Direct here:

Highlights from the Nintendo Direct

Apart from a story mode with 100 new levels, the biggest new addition to Super Mario Maker 2 would be versus and co-op play. Up to four players can either compete, or team up, to tackle whatever objectives there are in a given level.

Squad. / Photo Credit: Nintendo

These objectives vary depending on the level – being as straightforward as reaching the goal first, or racking up custom requirements, such as competing to have the most number of coins. Plus, each of the four players can now shove or bounce off other players!

While the new multiplayer functions have definitely spiced up the game, the variety offered in level customisation is extremely impressive as well. For starters, players can choose which game style they prefer to create their levels in: from the old, pixellated style of the first Super Mario Bros. , to the brand-new Super Mario 3D World.

Photo Credit: Nintendo

In particular, creating stages in the Super Mario 3D World style has limited features that the others don’t possess. Just to name a few examples: players will be able warp through clear pipes, or create levels designed around the Koopa Trooper car.

Clear pipes! Enemies can use these ones too. / Photo Credit: Nintendo

Apart from that, there are features that are constant throughout regardless of game style. Players can choose to have the option of toggling between “Day” and “Night” options with the flick of a switch in the level.

Peep the Day and Night toggle. / Photo Credit: Nintendo

As one might expect, this doesn’t come without its side effects. Every level reacts differently to the nighttime mode switch! In forest stages, for instance, normal water gets turned into poisonous water.

Photo Credit: Nintendo

It’s clear that Super Mario Maker 2 has tons of crazy and fun items for players to work with while customising levels! Games allowing players to customise stages are definitely becoming more commonplace, looking at the likes of Smash and Overwatch. Regardless, we’re glad to see that Super Mario Maker 2 is keeping stage customisation fresh, all while staying true to typical Mario platformer styles.

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