Fans of Black Mirror, rejoice! A new trailer just dropped, announcing the arrival of a Season 5 this summer. The dark sci-fi anthology series will be returning to Netflix on June 5th.

Watch the trailer for the new season here:

What can we expect from Season 5?

The trailer’s description itself promises “three new stories about the future we should have seen coming”. In terms of Black Mirror, that means themes surrounding recent developments in technology, and how such technology can affect our interpersonal interactions and relationships.

Some suspect that there may be more than three episodes this season. After all, the past two seasons have had about 6 episodes each. Perhaps Season 5 will have episodes that are connected to other episodes in previous seasons! It’s unlikely, though, seeing as how Black Mirror’s first season only had 3 episodes as well.

Regardless of how many episodes there are, the new season promises to be exciting! Just from the trailer alone, we can already spot hints of certain areas of technology that might be mentioned: Home-based A.Is (such as Alexa, or Google Home), password-protected apps, tech-based visual aids, and the use of virtual reality in entertainment. The way the trailer is edited makes it clear that we’re in for more tension this season as well, as shit inevitably hits the fan (in true Black Mirror fashion).

Of course, there’s also the actors! It seems like Season 5 has a stellar acting cast on board: Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie (of Marvel fame), Andrew Scott and more, can all be seen from the trailer alone. Though it’s a bit of an odd mix, their strong performances will definitely play a part in making these new episodes all the more disturbing.

We’re looking forward to how Black Mirror will put a darker spin on these technological developments, seeing as how they’re growing increasingly common in this day and age! June couldn’t come sooner.

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