That’s what most people have been doing, ever since the new in-game Stage Creator function got released last Friday. Players and fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been posting their creations on Twitter – and it’s been great.

There’s been a lot of variety in the kinds of stages that people have been creating – some cute, some creative, some based on memes, and some to spice up gameplay.

Some took spicing up gameplay very literally. Just look at the stage this Twitter user created:

Aptly titled “spicy meatball”, the stage consists of a questionably drawn Mario eating – you guessed it – a spicy meatball. Here’s the catch, though: if you (as a player) get whacked into the hole near Mario’s mouth, you’ll go through Mario and eventually get shot out of his other end – tossing you off the stage and killing you. Fun!

More Fun, Gimmicky Stages:

Speaking of getting tossed off stage, this other Twitter user created a stage that acts as a “Wheel of Death”. All there is to the stage is a rotating platform with 8 sides, and the objective is to be the last man standing. Jump too early, and you’ll likely fall off the stage to your death.

There’s an even tougher version created by the same Twitter user. In this version, the length of each platform is shorter than in the original. Not just that – the platforms are now made of ice, which makes it even harder for players to stay on, or get a grip on to!

Of course, there are more gimmicky stages as well. Just look at the one this Twitter user created, affectionately dubbed “baby club”. It was made to only allow shorter and smaller characters, such as Kirby or Pichu, to go through.

Experiments have shown that characters who can slide or crawl (such as Joker, and Snake) can get in by themselves. Kirby can stick bigger characters into the room as well, by inhaling them and keeping them in its mouth, before spitting them back out into the small room. Of course, that means they get stuck there.

You can see these stages (and more!) under the #SmashBros or #SmashBrosUltimate hashtags on Twitter. May you get inspired to make a cool, cute, or gimmicky stage of your own!

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