If you’ve been on social media sometime within the past month or so, you would’ve seen fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) creating lists of all the Marvel movies, in chronological order. This is so that people could catch up, or rewatch, all the MCU movies in the way the timeline is supposed to progress up till the events of Endgame. Given how many movies there are, as you’d expect, the list consisting of one Marvel movie per day spans across a month.

Of course, it’s Monday now – which means that there’s only days before Endgame is released. If you bought premiere tickets here in Singapore, that’s two (2) days to be exact! That’s definitely not enough time to watch all the Marvel movies in existence – which is why we’ve decided to create this list, of 5 movies you should watch within these two days.

Before we get into the details: note that we’ve decided to exclude Avengers: Infinity War, since Endgame continues directly from the events of Infinity War. Captain Marvel is also excluded, though that’s more because we’re not sure if it’s out online yet. In any case… the list:

1. The Avengers (2012)

Given how all of the original Avengers survived the Snap, there’s definitely going to be some sort of call-back to the very first movie. It’ll be nice to see how their characters have changed and developed since then.

2. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

The entire reason why the Avengers ended up being divided in the first place was because of the events of Civil War: the Civil Accords, collateral damage from Bucky’s actions, and the major fight between Steve and Tony. That, and the movie shows how Bucky ended up in Wakanda in the first place. Before watching them all truly unite in Endgame, it’ll probably be best if we watch how they ended up divided in the first place.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

This movie, in very short summary, is where Peter Quill (Star Lord) deals with his daddy issues both literally and figuratively. It’s good insight into why he acted the way he did in Infinity War. The events of the movie also showcase Rocket’s attitude and personality, which will be interesting to observe once again in Endgame, seeing as how he’s the only guardian who survived the Snap.

At the same time, this movie introduces us to the dynamics of Gamora and Nebula’s relationship – which will likely be furthered explored in Endgame, since Thanos is their father.

4. Ant-man and The Wasp (2018)

No spoilers, but the post-credit scene of Antman and The Wasp will almost definitely be connected to how Antman ends up joining the fight in Endgame. Many have also theorised that the tech involved in the Antman movies (ie. the Quantum Realm) might play a part in Endgame as well!

5. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Please. Do yourself a favour and (re-)watch what is, by far, the funniest movie in the MCU.

Apart from this writer’s bias – Infinity War kind of picks up where Ragnarok left off, from Thor’s and Bruce Banner’s perspectives. That, and it expands greatly on Thor’s characterisation, making him far more interesting than he was in some of the previous movies.

Well, you don’t really have to take this list too seriously. If you really don’t have time to watch movies at all, just look up compilations or summaries of the entire MCU on YouTube. They do a pretty good job of filling you in, and most are about 20-30 minutes at most.

In any case, we’re all excited for Endgame – the true end of an era of the MCU. Look forward to our review of the movie!

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