Much like Smash Ultimate’s Stage Builder function, Overwatch has introduced a new mode known as “The Workshop”. This new Workshop mode allows fans to alter the game’s rules and come up with their own game modes!

Overwatch has already released a pretty in-depth guide on how to access and use Workshop mode on their website. Though it’s only been a day or two since The Workshop has been added to the game’s test servers, fans have already created a couple of innovative game modes of their own.

Custom Game-Modes?

The sky seems to be the limit in this new Workshop mode, with someone plotting a full-on RPG-style game mode (with levels and EXP!). Some players have simpler desires, like wanting to make Mei “surf” on ice.

That, or turning Roadhog’s hook (usually used for grabbing enemies) into a grappling hook.

Then there are some who create modes that fix some Overwatch players’ more common frustrations – by force. This reddit user created a magnetic payload: one that automatically pulls players back to it, once they move too far away from it.

This other reddit user created a game mode where he (as Reinhardt), could summon his teammates to his location whenever he wanted. In other words, Reinhardt players can “tank” and protect their team members whenever they want, without needing the team to group up.

Not a fan of first-person shooting games? That’s alright, because now Workshop mode allows you to play Overwatch from a third-person point of view.

Someone even created a top-down version of the game, which gives you a better view of the map!

These innovative new custom-made games could be just what Overwatch needs to entice its audience back into the game. We look forward to seeing what these modes will look like in the future, especially if Workshop mode gets upgrades!

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