If you’ve ever been around Singapore a couple of years back, you might remember Funan DigitaLife Mall. It was one of Singapore’s go-to places for tech-related goods, because of its multiple floors of tech-related shops. That is, before it closed in 2016 for renovations.

Fortunately for us, it’s been announced that Funan Mall will be reopening this year in June! Having undergone a full revamp, the new Funan is set to be 85% larger than the old Funan. Despite this, from the looks of it, Funan seems to be aiming to stay related to tech, while branching out as well.

Looks right out of a sci-fi / cyberpunk film.

What’s in Store?

The new Funan mall aims to be Singapore’s first “online and offline mall”! It will be powered by sensors, data analytics and facial recognition tools that will allow for better understanding of visitors’ shopping habits and preferences. Funan will be the first mall here to use technology, such as a smart directory with facial recognition, to provide shoppers with recommendations tailored to their gender and age groups.

There are even plans for Funan to have a dedicated zone for eSports! Its been reported that one of Funan’s tenants, GamePro, aims to host eSports tournaments as part of the eSports zone.

Of course, we’ve mentioned that Funan aims to move from tech. Funan will also be the first mall (heck, building!) in Singapore to allow cyclists to cycle in the building. This is done by allocating a dedicated indoor cycling track for cyclists.

I’m not the only one thinking of Pokemon…right? /
Screenshot: Capitaland’s Funan – Digital Blueprint Video

Cyclists will also have facilities to pander to their needs, such as bike shops, bike cafes, and even shower facilities!

Those developments and more can be seen in this promotional video of a digital blueprint of the mall.

Overall, it seems like the new and improved Funan mall will be a cool hangout for all – especially with all the cool new tech that’s going to be part of it. Look forward to its opening!

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