As if to cement its place in our Stuff Every Gamer Needs: Xbox One edition article, we just found out that Capcom’s seminal Monster Hunter World is rumbling its way to Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service later this month.

We don’t know how long Capcom’s massive hit will be staying around for (titles usually stick around for a few months, sometimes longer) but it’s definitely a GREAT opportunity for you to hunt some beasts if you’ve been missing out on the action.

In fact, this is arguably the best time for the game to hop on the Game Pass bandwagon. With its Iceborne expansion coming in the upcoming months (alongside who knows what other surprises), it has never been a more opportune time to jump into the latest entry in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series.

Capcom’s never been one to rest on its laurels, with Monster Hunter World seeing some pretty good support ever since its launch in early 2018. It’s seen Geralt from the Witcher series cameo as a guest star and numerous references to Capcom’s other franchises (including the infamous Hadoken and Shoryoken emotes).

Hell, Capcom’s even tied up with other companies to further the brand’s reach. They’ve hooked up with Uniqlo to produce Monster Hunter shirts and with Honma Corporation to create Monster Hunter themed memory cards.

Yeah, Capcom truly wants the world to know what Monster Hunter is.

In another bit of great Game Pass news, Monster Hunter World’s not the only game coming soon too!

It’ll be in good company, accompanied by The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier (April 18), Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 (April 24) and Resident Evil 5 (April 25).

We’ve never played Season 3 of Tellgame’s The Walking Dead series, but this seems like as a good a time as any other. The same goes with Life is Strange 2! Resident Evil 5 on the other hand, we know very well.

It’s a great game, made even better in the port to current generation consoles, with improved visuals, framerate AND all the DLC content. If you can find a co-op partner, it’s one of the best games in the series!

If you’re not a subscriber, you can easily sign up for Game Pass at its website. If you’re new, the first month’s just $1, with subsequent months being SGD$14.90.

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