If you’re looking to add more geek cred to your closet, you might want to keep your eye on Uniqlo stores. The company’s just announced that they’ve partnered up with Capcom to produce tshirts based on the company’s Monster Hunter and Street Fighter franchises.

Here are the 12 designs for the Street Fighter themed shirts.

Not bad, but we wish Uniqlo had went the extra mile and did more elaborate tshirts. You know, kind of like this Shadaloo shirt from the old Capcom store.

Sweet, no?

It references Street Fighter, yet is classy enough not to shove character art or a logo down your throat. Compared to that, Uniqlo’s designs seem rather plain and lazy.

But hey, if you like them, more power to you. They’ll be on sale later this April 15 at SGD$19.90 each.

The Monster Hunter gear will hit later, coming in 10 designs.

We think these designs fare better than the Street Fighter ones, but of course, your view may differ. We especially love the food shirt (with the different types of meat).

These shirts will be available from the middle of June, at SGD$19.90.

So which one will you be picking up?

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