Hell on Mars.

The hype machine for Doom: Annihilation is starting to rev up, just like the Doomslayer’s chainsaw right before it eats into demonic flesh.

We’ve taken a first look at the film earlier and it certainly left us wanting more. While we love the earlier Doom film (we have it on blu-ray!) with The Rock, this one seems much, much more alike to the game than that one ever was.

Here’s hoping more demonic creatures make the leap from game to the movie. We’d love to see Barons of Hell or the Spidermind getting some love from a BFG in Annihilation.

Doom: Annihilation still doesn’t have a concrete release date other than Fall 2019.

Don’t forget there’s another Doom game that’s coming soon too! Doom: Eternal is set to hit over the next few months and is looking to be even better than 2016’s Doom remake.

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