We love the yellow Felyne version!

Capcom’s betting that the recent Witcher 3 crossover with Monster Hunter World has only whetted fans’ appetite. From CD Projekt Red, they’ve now teamed up with the Honma Corporation for the latest Monster Hunter crossover.

This time around, it’s with memory cards. Yeah, it doesn’t have the same kick as a Witcher 3 crossover, does it? But if you’re looking for Monster Hunter themed memorabilia, you could do worse.

There’ll be 3 different sets, each one based on a particular aspect of the series. There’s one based on Monster Hunter World, another based on the Felyne helpers and finally, one based on the series’ logo.

If we had to pick just one, we’d definitely get the Felyne version. We love all kitties!

All of them are 16GB, Class 10 micro SDHC cards and will go for 1,980 YEN (about SGD$24) when they’re released this April 25.

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