The wait is over, Geralt of Rivia is finally here and so the hunt begins!

As part of Monster Hunter World’s ongoing collaboration events, this time Capcom has partnered up with CD Project Red. The crossover event allows gamers to roleplay as either Geralt or Ciri from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Witcher crossover in Monster Hunter is made up of two seperate quests.

The first part is a special assignment called ‘Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest’, which is accessible to players as long as they are HR16 or above. The solo quest lets you play as Geralt of Rivia fully voiced by the original voice actor Doug Cockle from the Witcher series.

The contract itself is pretty straightforward however there are two side quests within that shouldn’t be overlooked. Completing the contract along with the side quests in a single playthrough yields additional rewards, titles and multiple endings. Upon completion, you’ll be able to craft Geralt α full armour set and the Witcher’s Silver Sword weapon for your hunter. As for your Palico, you’ll gain access to Nekker α full armour set and Cursed Staff α.

The second part is a time-limited event quest called ‘Contract: Woodland Spirit’. The event quest will be available until the end of the month and accessible to players who are HR50 or above.

Unlike the first part of the crossover, this contract is available in multiplayer. The contract itself is much harder, painfully long and extremely unforgiving. Upon completion, you’ll be able to craft Ciri α full armour set and Zireael Dual Blades, both of which look pretty awesome.

The Witcher crossover event is currently ongoing and is readily available on the Xbox and PS4 right now. As for PC users, it is expected to arrive at a later date in the future.

Good luck Hunters!

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