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Resident Evil 2 is the game that keeps on giving, as Capcom’s just released their free ‘The Ghost Survivors’ DLC for the game. The original RE2 costumes (not to be confused with the ones that came with the game), will also be coming sometime today, though it’s not live as of this writing. Like ‘The Ghost Survivors’ DLC, it too will be free.

If you have the game, you know the DLC’s installed when you get an alert signifying the extra content is now available under the ‘Other Modes’ section, in the main menu. From then, it’s just a matter of a few button presses to get to the new stuff.

There are 3 different stories in total, all of them ‘What If’ scenarios with characters from the main game trying to change their fate. You have the Kendo Gun Shop owner, Robert Kendo, alongside Katherine Warren (the daughter of the Mayor of Raccoon City) and Ghost, Hunk’s comrade-in-arms.

The new DLC also contains all new enemies and achievements for those who survived the nightmare. New freaks like armored and poison zombies (better stock up on the blue herbs!) will terrorize you now as you seek to guide these new characters to their goal. Capcom also promises unlocks you can use in the DLC, such as different accessories to equip. No word yet if they’ll carry over to the main game as well, though I doubt it.

What’s more interesting is that Capcom’s poising the scenario starring Ghost as even harder than the tough-as-nails 4th Survivor mode. I’ve personally only played the Kendo scenario, so I can’t comment on that but I’m definitely giving it a go as soon as I clear Kendo’s story.

Like the other modes and Resident Evil games, the DLC is supported on, where you can pit your times against other players in the world. Think you’re the best speedrunner? Prove it!

‘The Ghost Survivors’ DLC is available to all players of Resident Evil 2 and is installed automatically when you update the game to the newest available mission. If you’ve not played Capcom’s excellent remake, Resident Evil 2 is available right now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, both digitally and in stores.

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