Hot damn! The Ecto-1 transforms into the Ectotron! We need this in the new Ghostbuster film!

UPDATE 16/2/2019 11.41AM: We called it. Sold out! Even its Hasbro Pulse page is gone. Don’t fret if you didn’t get it, since it’ll be sold in Gamestop stores too. Also, Hasbro Pulse might get a second pre-order wave up, like they did with the Throne of the Primes SDCC 2018 exclusive. Keep on checking the link just in case!

Original story: The Ghostbusters are merging with the Transformers in a crossover nobody saw coming.

Yes, you read that right. This certainly ranks high up in the echelons of ‘WTF’, right alongside the Batman / TMNT comic (which is really cool by the way) and Aliens / Vampirella (which isn’t).

Hasbro’s crossing the streams on their proton packs and merging the Ghostbusters with the Transformers. Or rather in this case, the Ecto-1 with a helluva cool robot! It’s not canon but look at it! It is GLORIOUS! Who HASN’T dreamed of having a Ghostbusters Transformer?

Set for release later this year, Ectotron’s priced at $39.99. It’ll be 7 inches long, transforms in 22 steps and even comes with a cute Slimer figure. Yeah, I wish they’d included the four Ghostbusters but at the price Hasbro’s selling it, I’ll take what they’re offering in the package right now.

There’s no word on a Japanese Takara Tomy equivalent and it’s probably never going to get a mass release in retail channels so if you’re interested in this bad boy, you’d better rush now to Hasbro Pulse to pre-order. We’re expecting this to sell out fast!

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