Maybe this will finally get Capcom to remake the series.

It’s been years since we last had a Dino Crisis game. We’ve had multiple Resident Evil games, but zero survival horror games with dinosaurs.

Capcom’s seem to have forgotten their other survival horror series, especially since Resident Evil 2 has been blowing the charts recently.

If you’re not aware, Dino Crisis was a survival horror series that Capcom created during the PS1 era. It survived all the way to the Xbox/ PS2 generation, then went MIA after Dino Crisis 3 (which was an Xbox exclusive) was released.

It’s been relegated to unwanted stepchild status at Capcom, with only the barest of hints that it’s even remembered in current times.

Luckily, modder Crazy Potato hasn’t forgotten.

They’ve gone and created not only Regina, but Dylan and even a special Dino Crisis jacket for Sherry as well. Since this is a PC mod, console gamers are sadly out of luck.

If you’re on a PC, you can download the mod (as well as view the install instructions) over at Nexus mods. It’s not that hard to do honestly and the payoff is definitely worth it if you’re a fan of the series.

Consoles gamers should look on the bright side of this. At least Capcom’s giving out free Resident Evil 2 DLC to everybody. Don’t forget, if you’re hankering for the old school days, there’s also the free retro Resident Evil 2 costumes that’s just been released as well.

Who knows, maybe seeing this will spur Capcom to remake the original games for current (or maybe even next gen) systems. We’d certainly love to shoot some dinos in the face again.

Are you listening Capcom? Everybody wants a Dino Crisis game. Hell, we don’t even care at all if it’s a remake or a totally new game! Just make it good!

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