What is a man but a miserable pile of toys?

It seems like we’re hearing about Castlevania from everywhere BUT Konami. First we got the excellent Netflix series (of which Season 3 is coming soon!). Now, Castlevania fans are also getting some love from Funko.

Revealed just this weekend at the New York Toy Fair , Funko will be unleashing their infernal Castlevania Pop! figures in the next few months.

Yeah, we’re bummed Funko didn’t reveal a release date other than ‘Coming Soon’ but we can wait.

As shown, five figures are expected; Trevor, Dracula, Alucard, Blue Fangs and Sypha. We’re wondering why Blue Fangs is in and not one of Dracula’s generals (such as Isaac or Hector) but we guess Funko is saving them for the inevitable second wave.

Till then, the Pop! Dracula’s judgmental gaze should tide you over.

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