Plant bombs, run, hide, try not to die… repeat.

It’s past the middle of the month, and you know what that means! Yup, the new Xbox Live Gold free game offerings are up!

This month’s mid-month offerings are Super Bomberman R from Konami and Star Wars: Jedi Academy from Raven Software. Bomberman’s an Xbox One game, while Jedi Academy’s a legacy Xbox title.

If you’ve been gaming for a while, you’re probably familiar with Bomberman. He’s the dude who drops bombs and then runs to hide while it blows. Super Bomberman R is classic Bomberman gameplay, but updated with modern visuals and styles.

There’s a boatload of Castlevania characters (not the ones from the upcoming Funko Castlevania Pops! though) including Alucard and Richter. Hell, a lot of other Konami properties are represented too; Zone of the Enders, Silent Hill, Gradius…even Metal Gear.

It just breaks the heart to see them in the game, especially since Konami seems intent on not making new entries for any of their classic franchises.

The other Xbox Live Gold offering is Star Wars: Jedi Academy, the seminal sequel to the stellar Jedi Outcast, which itself was a sequel to the incredible Jedi Knight. Of course, that too was a sequel to the first Star Wars FPS, Dark Forces.

Jedi Academy is pretty much Jedi Outcast 2.0, with everything that made the game great, but with an even greater focus on being a Jedi and lightsaber swordplay. It’s not as great as the PC version (on which you could enable realistic dismemberment) but for a console port, it’s not that bad.

As always, Xbox Live Gold members can nab these games off the Xbox Live Marketplace on their Xbox One, or through the online store. Super Bomberman R can be found here, while Jedi Academy is available at this link.

Make sure to nab them now!

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