Watch the prologue now, buy the DLC later.

Final Fantasy XV was a divisive game.

There’s no two ways around it. You either loved the game, or hated it. While its DLC tried to change up the gameplay formula a bit (especially Episode Prompto), the end result still felt a bit too much unlike a traditional Final Fantasy game to some people.

It’s understandable, and those people definitely have valid reasons on why they don’t like the game.

This article however, is meant for those who want more of it.

We all know that Square scrapped 75% of the planned second wave of DLC for Final Fantasy XV. The second wave, called The Dawn of the Future, was meant as an epilogue of sorts, to show what happens to the world of FFXV after the game’s finale.

There were supposed to be 4 different DLCs, but only one (Episode Ardyn) survived. It’s set to come out on March 26 but the animated prologue (embedded above) is already out, serving as a teaser for the DLC.

Weirdly, Square Enix doesn’t seem to want to let the planning of the other cancelled DLC go to waste. How else would you explain a book called The Dawn of the Future (they even used the same title!), which contains elements planned for the nixed DLC.

While only announced for Japanese readers at the moment, it seems that Square Enix eventually plans for the book to be translated for international audiences.

If you can’t wait, Square Enix JP’s online store has it up for pre-order right now, bundled along other collectibles such as the Episode Ardyn Prologue on Blu-ray, an art booklet, coaster and post card set. It’ll set you back 4,860 YEN or about SGD$60.

It seems to be a decent deal, especially if you’re a collector who loves FFXV. In the meantime though, if you’re hankering to show your support for the Final Fantasy series, why not take a look at the recently released Final Fantasy IX on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One?

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