Large and in charge.

We’ve seen tons of Pokemon plushies; it’s not that hard to find a Snorlax, a Pikachu, a Charmander or dozens of other Pokemon immortalized as plush toys.

This is the first time though that we’ve heard about a Furret plush, and a life-sized one at that!

That’s right, the Pokemon Center Online is creating the plush, which means it’s officially licensed! Plus, this one is accurate to what its measurements are in the games’ Pokedex. That means the plush is 1.8 meters long.

As somebody who’s only a paltry 1.75cm, I have to say, I’m envious that this thing is longer than I am! Now, I think I’ll need this in my life, alongside a life-sized Snorlax plush.

If you’re game, you can nab the Furret plush at the Pokemon Center Online’s website for 30,240 YEN, which is about SGD$370. Remember, that’s without shipping so don’t think that’s the final price.

Luckily, Pokeballs are optional for this capture.

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