Ancient Leshen, you have failed this forest!

Remember when I mentioned that the limited time crossover quest called ‘Contract: Woodland Spirit’ in Monster Hunter World was painful to complete? You can read up on the crossover here if you missed it.

Well, Monster Hunter World has just received a small patch that has some minor fixes and apparently made the ‘Ancient Leshen’ boss fight in the contract more manageable for players.

I have only one question: Why? I mean we all know ‘why’ (probably because it was too hard for most people) but was it really that necessary?

One of the best things regarding the quest was that it was difficult. It was meant to reflect the ‘Death March’ difficulty found in The Witcher 3 game and it was perfectly captured, in my opinion. This made killing the ‘Ancient Leshen’ even more rewarding in the end.

Here’s your reward, Witcher.

It also seems unfair to those who have been playing the quest since it began (including me) and collecting the necessary materials to craft the items to only realise that it’s so much more easier to do so now.

For those who have been having trouble with this quest, should be able to complete it with the reduced difficulty now. The quest has also been extended until March 7 UTC, which gives you enough time to collect the materials needed to craft the events’ equipment sets.

Good Luck, Hunters!

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