It might not be a famous Nintendo property, but Dragalia Lost has potential.

Dragalia Lost might not be a household name (yet) but wait a minute before you write it off as mobile shovelware. The game’s actually a collaboration between Nintendo and mobile developers CyGames. Yeah, Nintendo’s behind the game, so you might want to take a look at it to see if it’s worth playing.

The game’s slowly been rolling out worldwide and it seems the latest round of releases includes Singapore. Other countries in this batch are Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

To celebrate the game rolling out in these countries, the developers are having an ‘Avenue to Power’ event, which awards double the normal bonus, as well as Mana for the Daily Bonus, from completing the event. This event is currently ongoing but is planned to end March 7.

On top of that, gamers who play before March 24 2019 will also get 1,500 Wyrmite as a special gift.

Finally, there’s also a Tenfold Summon voucher waiting in the gift boxes of all players, in celebration of patch 1.5.1. There’s also a new event waiting in the wings. Named ‘A Waltz with Fate’, that event goes online this Feb 28 and runs until March 12.

If you’re interested, the free game can be found here if you’re on Android, and via this link if you’re on iOS. For more information on the game, don’t forget to hit up its official website.

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