Yes, for cats.

Kyoto University animal psychologists are behind the video and we guess it’s for a video made for Cat Day? At least we think so. It’s all narrated in meows (with Japanese subs for us humans) and tells cats how to avoid cars and the dangers of crossing busy roads (again, this is all conjecture based on what we think and the video).

It’s incredibly weird (especially the last part with the three giant cats) but also hypnotic and entertaining, sort of how cats are in real life.

The people behind the video even made a second one, showing the reaction of cats. Some are weirded out, some are confused…just like how humans are too after watching the video.

To learn more about the videos and the movement behind them, head on over to the official website. Oh, and unless you can read Japanese, be ready to have Google translate the page for you.

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