I can’t wait to play FFX/X-2 again! Wait, it’s $64.90?!

We knew Square was bringing over their older Final Fantasy titles to both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this year. This month, we saw the release of Final Fantasy IX, on both consoles. Soon, we’ll be getting more.

As of this moment, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Final Fantasy XII are all up on the Singaporean Xbox Marketplace.

FF7 goes for SGD$20.90, while the other two games are SGD$64.90 each (they’re USD$49.99 in the US). Technically, they’re cheaper than the US versions but they’re still a bit on the pricey side. There’s a massive disparity between them and FFVII that I’m actually balking at pre-ordering FFX/X-2, which are hands down, my favourite FF games of ALL time.

I mean I already bought the game on PS2, then the International edition, also on PS2, then the remasters on PS4 AND PSVita. While I’m going to buy the game again on Xbox One, I’m sure not going to buy it at THAT price.

Are the new additions worth the asking price?

FFXII is also at the same price, but it’s a bit easier to swallow as the new Xbox One version actually comes with new improvements not available anywhere else.

These includes a 60 FPS mode on the Xbox One X, the ability to change jobs (this is what I’m most excited about) and a New Game+ mode that allows you to carry over some items from your previous playthrough.

They’ll be coming out via a staggered release schedule, starting with FFVII on March 26, then FFX/X-2 on April 11 and finally, FFXII on April 25. If you’re interested in them all, better get your wallets ready!

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