Ha ha ha ha. We’re not sure whether to laugh along or raise our arms in surrender.

It’s no April Fool’s joke.

RoboCop is now an employee of KFC. Ex-OCP property, RoboCop has gone from law enforcement to food dispenser as he’s now known as Colonel Sanders/ RoboCop.

It’s unknown whether this is a side gig or if RoboCop’s days with the Detroit Police Department are numbered. All requests for comments from the department have been rebuffed, with even close insiders refusing to shed light on the situation.

What we do know is that RoboCop’s been making the rounds as KFC’s new spokesman. He’s been featured in numerous videos for the fast food chain, each one of them more terrifying than the last.

RoboCop’s new affiliation with the fast food chain has clearly gone to his head as he blatantly ignores his Prime Directives.

At the very least, the three men in the video are littering. Yet RoboCop completely ignores them and focuses his attention on the KFC chicken in front of him instead.

Next, he even threatens a family with unspecified harm unless they comply and eat KFC chicken. We bet the geniuses at KFC are laughing manically as the money rolls in.

After all, would you say no to RoboCop?

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