All may pass!

Everybody’s probably been to Haw Par Villa, no matter what your race or religion. I know for sure, as a kid, my primary school would have field trips to the location, though I’m not sure whether that’s still the case.

Haw Par Villa’s a legend among Singaporeans, especially if you’re a believer in the supernatural. There’s been a TON of ghost stories regarding the place and to this day, I still keep hearing them from people I know.

That’s probably due in no small part to the location’s iconic (and scary as hell if you’re a kid) 10 Courts of Hell, which features punishment souls go through for being bad in life. Scared straight, Singapore style!

The attraction will open for business once again on March 1 after closing in December 2018 for renovations. As before, entry is free.

If you need more information, head on over to Haw Par Villa’s site to know more.

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