If you’re not a gamer or into the scene, it can be daunting to get stuff for one. There are so many different platforms, games, accessories that find the right ones can be a MAJOR hassle.

No worries, we’re here to help ease your burden.

Welcome to Stuff Every Gamer Needs: Xbox One edition.

We’re going to be publishing multiple installments of SEGN, each tailored to a particular gaming platform. After all, what works for an Xbox One gamer, won’t necessarily work if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner.

So without further ado, here are the Stuff Every Gamer Needs: Xbox One edition!

1 – External HDD.

Western Digital 4TB Elements External HDD.

4TB isn’t overkill, it’s future proofing!

The first thing on any list should be extra storage. While the Xbox One and Xbox One X can come with terabytes (TB) of HDD space, that’s not going to be enough, especially if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber (more on this later) or a Xbox Live Gold member. Hell, even if you’re an EA Access member, you can’t go wrong with an eternal HDD.

The WD 4TB Elements External HDD is perhaps the best option for two reasons; it doesn’t require a power source and it’s affordably priced at USD$99.

Sure you can get cheaper and lower capacity drives, or even make your own if you have a spare HDD lying around but we still think a 4TB drive like this one is the perfect sweet spot of cost and capacity.

2 – A second controller.

Xbox Elite Controller.

SGD$194.90. Worth every single cent.

If you’ve still not read our review of the Xbox Elite Controller, why not? Head on over to it right now before you continue please.


It’s a sweeeeeeet piece of gear isn’t it? Yeah, now you see why we’re recommending this bad boy over the standard Xbox One pad. Not only does it have customization options up the wazoo, it’s an incredibly well built controller that you’ll use for years to come.

There’s always a reason to get a cheaper controller but ask yourself this, ‘Why would you settle for second best when you can easily get number one?’. Plus, if you shop around, we’ve seen new boxes of the Elite going for as little as SGD$149!

3 – Xbox subscription services.

Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, EA Access.

Shop around and you’ll can even find great deals! Amazon recently had 1 for 1 sale, which gave you 6 months of Game Pass for USD$29.99.

These are the 3 subscription you’ll need if you’re an Xbox One gamer or buying stuff for one.

Game Pass is like the video game version of Netflix. It has a sizeable library of games and you can play ALL of them for FREE, if you have a subscription. New titles rotate in (and older titles out) every month, so there’s always something new to play. Game Pass lets you have a huge library without spending a ton, which is why we recommended the 4TB HDD earlier on. See? Now everything makes sense.

Now, Xbox Live Gold is COMPULSORY if online play is a must. It’s basically your passport to any online play in multiplayer titles, with a side perk that you get 4 free games a month; 2 Xbox One games, and 2 Xbox 360 or original Xbox games.

EA Access is a bit like Game Pass, except the titles are all EA games and once they’re free (in what EA calls the Vault), they’re there to stay. This is GREAT if you’re into EA titles like FIFA since they don’t come to Game Pass. Plus, if you’re an EA Access member, you also get game time with EA’s latest releases, play a few days early AND exclusive discounts. It’s not as great a deal if you’re not an EA fan, but it’s still a win win situation no matter how you look at it.

4 – Rechargeable batteries.

Eneloop batteries.

8 is a good amount to have to ensure you can rotate them all.

We’ve tried other brands, but the verdict was clear. If you’re going for rechargeable batteries, Eneloop’s the brand to go with. The batteries last longer, can be used for years and recharged a ton of times.

By the time you’re done with a pack of these, it’s probably time to move on to the next generation of consoles!

While the Play and Charge kit for the Xbox One controller is certainly a viable option, we’re not recommending it because you can ONLY use the battery pack on the controller. Rechargeable batteries on the other hand, can be used on other stuff too!

That’s why rechargeable batteries are a much better solution than the Play and Charge kits.

5 – Headphones.

SONY WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones.

Pricey but more than worth it.

Read our review and you’ll see why it’s a no brainer recommending this. Not only does it offer great sound, you could also use it as a gaming headset by plugging in the aux cable into the Xbox One controller.

When you’re not using it for gaming, you can always use it on the go, to listen to HD audio when you’re travelling or using its noise cancellation feature to tune out the world.

No matter how you look at it, you NEED the headset.

But wait…

These are just 5 items for now but we’ll definitely be adding in more items as we find them. Do YOU have something you’d like to see on the list? Leave your pick in the comments below and we’ll look into it!

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