An Introduction

“Hey this doesn’t really anything about tech!” Surely says one random anonymous user. Yes, while at a glance it seemingly has nothing to do with tech, it does however, have everything to do with the way we convey and by extension, the way we deliver entertainment in modern times. Looking at the way we experience and interact with the world, this is a segment dedicated to looking at the How.

From the Egyptians, Syrians, Mesopotamians, to ancient Greece, modern Greece and the entirety of Europe; the birthplace of Literature and Great Works, we can see while civilizations and empires may fall, the tales and legends live on within tens and maybe even hundreds of languages. This is the way we convey our thoughts, ideals, hopes and philosophies that transcend even time itself.

…But its dying

Fast forward to the more modern times also known as today, herein lies a problem. The art of telling a story is fading from our entertainment medium in favor of stories with less substance, less meaning, less of what makes us want to revisit those tales again and again.

I intend to fix this. Or at least try (its a lofty goal of course!)

The Thinking Man

As I type this, I refer to the statue of the Thinking Man. What is the drive that encompasses us to seek out meaning? The drive to seek out the things behind the text, reading in between the lines so to speak.

In this series, we seek out the shows, books, games that delivers exactly on that idea. I think it is dutiful for me to cover those who front the banner of storytelling, proper storytelling. While these pieces of entertainment may not be some great literary work of art that someone in the far flung future may appreciate, these sure as hell are entertaining because they tell great stories!

Join me in my multi-part series work as I try to rekindle the flames of those who yearn to tell something with meaning, the stories that inspires us to do such a thing; to show that you don’t have to write meaningless trite (looking at you, American Dad, Family Guy, Simpsons) to deliver entertainment!

Stay tuned!

Chia is the horse-author from the far flung year of 2153. While not grazing on grass pastures or reviewing old time-y games and technology from the early 21st century pretending to not know what comes next (as to not disturb the space-time continuum), he can be seen exchanging vast quantities of Earth currency for parts needed to fix his damaged space ship.