We’re not hardcore fans of DC, having been burned by Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League but we’ll admit that the DC movies have been steadily getting better, especially in regards to Shazam.

Wonder Woman is still the best (of course) but Aquaman and more recently, Shazam have shown that DC is righting its ship and have been consistently producing good (and nearing great) movies.

That’s why it’s great news to see them sticking with what works, especially in a film like Shazam.

Word from The Wrap is that DC’s sticking with Henry Gayden, the screenwriter for the first movie. Also expected to be onboard for the sequel are the filmmakers David F. Sandberg and Peter Safran.

There’s no word yet on what’s the plot going to be but we’re praying for a Kingdom Come adaptation.

Yeah we know that’s primarily a Superman story, but we bet with some finesse and wrangling, Shazam could stand in for Supes and still do the story justice.

This. We want this. Not, Batman vs Superman. Shazam vs Superman! Just like in Kingdom Come.

Oh yeah and that.

We really, REALLY want to see Superman fight Shazam in a no-holds-barred battle. Who wouldn’t? Two of DC’s strongest heroes, going toe to toe without restraints? We’re getting giddy just THINKING about it. It’d make the destruction in the Man of Steel finale look tame in comparison!

In other related news, the Black Adam movie starring The Rock is supposed to start shooting sometime this year, with an as yet unrevealed release date.

Whenever it is, we can’t wait to see Shazam throw down with Black Adam. If it’s anything like the times the duo’s tangled in the comics, it’ll definitely be something to remember. Hopefully, it doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Batman vs Superman.

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