On April 11 2019, all three (3) seasons of wildly popular Shonen anime ‘My Hero Academia’ were made available for online streaming on Netflix Singapore. That’s 75 episodes of the series to marathon, with a fourth season green-lit that’s set to start airing in October 2019!

What’s the series about?

‘My Hero Academia’ is set in a world where 80% of the population possess “quirks” (superpowers). These quirks range from your typical superpowers, such as the ability to manipulate fire and super strength, to more unique abilities such as gravity manipulation.

The protagonist, Midoriya Izuku (nicknamed “Deku”), was born without a quirk, though he dreams of becoming a hero. One thing leads to another, and he’s granted a superpower! With that, he enters a high school that’s a top training academy for Heroes – and the story follows his journey towards becoming a top hero.

It’s Deku!

What’s so good about the series?

Much like other big Shounen series such as Naruto, or One Piece, there are certain themes that ‘My Hero Academia’ has. Expect many fiery battles, as well as themes of friendship, rivalry and endurance, as reoccurring elements throughout the series.

Despite that, there are things that make My Hero Academia stand out. It’s a series with charming character designs, fun character and a compelling story-line! There’s also a diverse range of superpowers shown throughout the series, some of which come with unique power limitations.

Some of the other heroes! Pretty cool, huh?

Typical school-life elements in anime, such as a sports festival, get a superpowered spin on it as well. The characters even have to go through hero internships!

What’s really special about this series, though, is the overall setting. We can all agree that the superhero concept is not a new one. However, given that having powers is considered as normal, being a hero is a sought-after job in My Hero Academia. Heck, being a “professional hero” means you get paid for your crime-fighting work!

It’s different from Western comic series, such as those under Marvel and DC. In most Western comics, superheros are often shamed or thought of as “weird” for their powers, or made to hide their identities. Yet, the art-style of the series draws inspiration from Western comics, which is something rarely seen in manga and anime.

Still the same series y’all.

It’s definitely an anime series that shouldn’t be missed out on, given how it’s already been green-lit for a fourth season. Catch it on Netflix today!

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