If you haven’t been paying attention, another beloved gaming franchise is making its way to the big screen and not in a decent way. Milla Jovovich and her husband Paul W. S. Anderson who are quite famous for the horrible Resident Evil movies, are back in business and tackling on Monster Hunter!

I know; it’s quite terrifying to imagine what that might even entail. You can read my rant about it here, but right now we are here to talk about how the movie is making a crossover to the game.

Milla Jovovich is Captain Natalie Artemis.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World has been going strong with its crossovers events across different franchises, over the years. So it’s no surprise that the Monster Hunter movie is making an appearance too.

In a two-part single-player side story that will start from December 4, gamers will get to play as Artemis aka Milla Jovovich from the movie. Capcom is going all out on the immersion aspect by designing the character to resemble her closely. And is even getting the actress to do the voiceovers!

The first event quest will pit you against a Black Diablos while the second quest will have you face a Ratholos. Just like previous event quests in the game, these shouldn’t be too hard to clear on your own. However, you might have to rerun them several times if you hope to craft the Artemis α+ armour set and the Artemis Layered Armor, from the Monster Hunter movie.

Even if you’re not keen on trying out these events, I’d suggest logging on to the game at least once from November 27, to claim a special item pack giveaway that contains one Earplug Jewel+ decoration!

The Monster Hunter movie event and the item pack will be available for a year, so you’ve got plenty of time to get into it. For more information on the event, please click here to visit the official site.

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