As someone who loves role-playing games more than any other genres, I was quite eager to try out Red Dead Redemption 2 when it came out. However, as much as the storyline of it was intriguing and fascinating, I felt that the gameplay became a chore over time.

Micromanaging so many things made me lose focus of the game and eventually I had to stop playing it because it was just not possible to throw in hours for literally one game. So instead, I focused more on the Red Dead Online portion of the game, and it was a blast!

Yet, as fun as it was, I always felt that there was just not enough players in the multiplayer to make it last. So imagine my surprise when Rockstar Games announced a whole new take on their online features!

Red Dead Online is going to be a standalone game.

That’s right; Rockstar Games is expanding its reach by turning Red Dead Online into a standalone game for anyone who wants to experience the life of a cowboy.

This standalone offer will most likely be enticing to first-timers, who want to enjoy playing the online features only but do not want to pay the full price of getting the story campaign as well. Existing players will still have access to the multiplayer features thus will not be required to pay for anything more.

The standalone version of Red Dead Online will include every multiplayer feature that it had offered in the original version of the game, with an additional option of buying the story campaign at a later date.

The game will be made available on December 1 and will cost $20, on PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store and Steam.

However, Rockstar Games is throwing in an additional 75% discount until February 15 next year, which makes the total amount only $5 until then! Be warned though, the pricing is calculated in USD; thus, the actual price may differ by region.

For more information on Red Dead Online standalone, please click here.

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