The Monster Hunter movie that no one asked.

For some magical reason, games have never become successful in adapting to movies. It always baffles me because games, in general, tend to have so many existing source materials that no one seems to want to use and build upon it. It’s always loosely based on the source material along with a whole other crap that follows through.

One great example is the six Resident Evil movies that focus on one character that never even existed in the games, Alice, who is played by Milla Jovovich and directed by her husband Paul W. S. Anderson. Calling it a complete franchise killer is just being too kind, and the fact that it has six movies in total still is very confusing to me to this date.

Now here we are again with the duo tackling yet another beloved franchise with the all-new Monster Hunter movie, and everyone is afraid for it.

The Monster Hunter movie doesn’t need the military in it.

The official trailer for the Monster Hunter movie got released a day ago, and I promised myself not to hate it until I’ve seen it first. As it turns out, after watching the trailer, I did hate it to no one’s surprise.

Before I ultimately rant about what I hate, let’s take the positive route first. The things that I enjoyed seeing in the trailer were the monsters and weapons because of how accurate they were to the source material. 

As someone who enjoys playing Monster Hunter, I admired seeing the design of the massive greatsword, and hopefully, we get to see it in action. And let’s not forget how awesome the monsters in the trailer looked! I’ll give it to them for accurately replicating how menacing and terrifying Rathalos can be; reminds me of the time it thrashed with me a tail swipe, good times.

Now for the things that I hated in the Monster Hunter movie trailer. Whose bright idea was it to bring the military to fight against the monsters? It’s called Monster Hunters which means hunters hunting monsters, no army whatsoever involved. It’s probably the most simplistic plot that could have gotten adapted to a movie, but it had to be complicated with teleportation and different worlds colliding. Why? Just why?

Honestly, I don’t have high hopes for this Monster Hunter movie and let’s be honest; everyone feels that way. Who knows, maybe after it flops we’ll get a proper Monster Hunter adaptation?

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