The fan favourite, Aiden Pearce, is more than just a standard DLC character.

Earlier in the month, we got a full breakdown of what’s coming to the Watch Dogs: Legion game from Ubisoft. The game’s live producer Lathieeshe Thillainathan shared many interesting insights regarding the various story elements of the primary campaign and as well as post-launch plans such as PVP and Invasions.

One of the things that stood out during the reveals was the introduction of four DLC characters, specifically the return of Aiden Pearce and Wrench in a brand new story expansion called Bloodlines. Based on the information provided, we knew that these characters were fully playable in the game, but it was unclear to what extent.

Now, we have some clarity on that situation; at least for one character in particular.

Aiden Pearce, The Fox.

In a Watch Dogs: Legion Reddit AMALathieeshe Thillainathan responded to various questions from fans regarding the game and in particular to Aiden Pearce’s overall involvement.

If you’re a massive fan of the character, then you’ll be glad to know that he is playable in all available content. At first, we had assumed that as a DLC character he would only be playable in the story expansion as well as other standard content such as open-world roaming and side missions that do not directly impact the central campaign.

However, as it turns, that is not the case. In a reply, Thillainathan stated that “Aiden will be treated as another member of the team. We are writing the full single player story again with Aiden personality. When you replay the main missions again, Aiden will be integrated into all the original cinematics.”

So if you’re planning to use Aiden Pearce throughout an entire playthrough, then it’s entirely feasible. Unfortunately, Thillainathan does not confirm nor deny if any of the other DLC characters will also receive the same treatment.

On a side note though, he did confirm that DLC characters are customizable, “Once they are on your team, you can customize them as you wish. can’t wait to see everyone’s version of Aiden and Wrench.”

Watch Dogs: Legion sounds more and more interesting as it draws closer. The game will be releasing on October 29 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC and it is currently available for pre-order now.

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