When top brands like Microsoft can easily get imitated by Hackers, it makes you wonder how simple it can be for them to imitate you?

The pandemic has changed our world and the way we have to live. Down the road, I honestly can see this becoming the new norm because things will never be the same after this if there is even an after this. Yet life goes on, and as humans, we do what we do best; we adapt.

We adapt by changing how we work, how we communicate and how we live. Technology has somewhat helped this transition move along, but like with everything in this world, there’s always a positive side and negative side.

Hackers imitating Microsoft, watch your back.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, has recently released their Q3 brand phishing report that highlights brands that are mostly imitated by hackers to target people. 

And in the report, it stated that the tech giant Microsft has gotten pushed up from it’s 5th place in Q2 to 1st place in Q3 for brand phishing attacks. It’s scary once you realize that the jump in ranking is only between three months: July, August and September of this year.

For those of you who are unclear what phishing is, it’s fundamentally fishing, but you’re the fish in this scenario. The bait in this situation can be simple as an email, instant message, or text message that looks like it’s genuinely from a trusted entity like Mircosoft. 

But in reality, it’s from a hacker masquerading themselves to trick you into opening up these malicious contents and providing them with the opportunity to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers.

The only way to stay safe is to remain vigilant when it comes to offering your confidential details online. Never immediately trust an email that asks for your particulars, even if it looks like from a trusted entity like Microsoft. Verify it first then proceed; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re interested in checking out the full details of this brand phishing report, you can click here.

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