Last month, we finally got a full trailer for The Mandalorian season two from Disney Plus, and it didn’t disappoint one bit. The trailer did not reveal much of the story except for what we already knew from the first season. However, based on the scenes that did get shown in it, it was clear that it’s going to be a blast. And as a fan of Star Wars in general, I am so ready for it!

Now with the launch of season two just around the corner, Disney has released a Special Look trailer that might have revealed some interesting things.

The Mandalorian may bring in familiar faces.

As usual, the new trailer did not show off anything more than just a few extra scenes that expanded on what we saw from the previous trailer. And yet these additional scenes, just made me a lot more excited to see where it will lead to in the new season! Honestly, it’s great that nothing from the show is getting spoiled before it comes out.

However, there was one interesting part that stood out in the trailer. In it, Din Djarin aka Mando says, “If I can locate other Mandalorians, they can guide me.”

If you have been keeping tabs on the show, then this should not have surprised you because you’d already have known that Mando will be crossing paths with another iconic Mandalorian called Boba Fett.

The thing is, Boba Fett might not be the only other Mandalorian to appear in the show. There is a high chance that Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian from the Rebels series, might make an appearance. There are several hints to back this up.

First up, Ashoka is also coming to the show, and the last time we see Ashoka in the Star Wars canon is when she goes on a journey with Sabine to locate Ezra, a Jedi. So there’s a possibility that the two are still travelling as one.

Secondly, the DarkSaber that Moff Gideon has in the show. For those of you who have not watched the Rebels series, Sabine is technically the rightful ruler of Mandalore and owner of the DarkSaber but decided to give up the responsibility to another. So it’s plausible that we could see her returning to reclaim it from the Moff.

Just thinking about how everything could get connected in the long run, makes me so hype for it! The Mandalorian Season 2 will run for eight episodes and will be premiering on Disney Plus on 30th October, so don’t miss it!

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