Sony has finally unveiled the long-awaited details of the PS5!

Earlier today, Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase Event concluded with the reveal of upcoming games arriving on the PS5. We got a peek from known games like Spider-Man: Mile Morales and games that we weren’t expecting at all like God of War: Ragnarok. During the showcase, most of the games displayed their gameplay footage, and it looked so good on the new console.

However, the most significant information that came out of the showcase was regarding the PS5 console itself. After months of silence and speculation, Sony has finally graced us with the pricing and release details. 

PS5 is taking on the Xbox Series!

We always suspected that the PS5 was going to be pricey, just like it happened with the PS3 console back in 2006. We had hoped with the price reveal of the Xbox Series X console getting set at US$499 would somehow force Sony to low its pricing to match the similar price range. But even I didn’t expect Sony to compete with Microsoft directly!

As we knew before, the PS5 will be arriving with two variants. The PS5 disc-based console will be selling at the cost of US$499, which is the same price as the Xbox Series X. Gamers are going to have to make a difficult choice during this holiday, between these two massive consoles.

The PS5 digital-only console will be selling at the cost of US$399, and it is a direct contender of Xbox Series S. Despite the Xbox Series S holding onto a price tag of US$299, it is still a weaker version of its counterpart, Xbox Series X. Whereas Sony’s digital-only console is not only cheaper than its disc-based counterpart but also possess the same amount of gaming capabilities.

Sony’s next-generation consoles will release by November, however, depending on which part of the world you’re from, the release date will vary.

People from the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea will get their hands on the console from November 12, that is two days after the release of Xbox Series X.

Whereas, for the rest of the world, we’ll be able to get the console from November 19 onwards.

According to PlayStation’s twitter post, pre-orders for the PS5 will be going up tomorrow at selected retailers. If you’re hoping to get your hands on the console as soon as you can, I’d suggest keeping an eye out for it on Amazon US. Let the hunt for consoles begin!

For more information on the console itself, you can click here to visit the PlayStation Blog.

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