Crytek is bringing back the nostalgia with it’s Crysis Remaster, and the ploy is working quite well.

It’s been 13 years since Crytek’s first Crysis game was released back in 2007. It was certainly not a time of great innovation and technological advancement, but Crytek made sure that everyone felt like it was with their new game. 

I doubt the younger generation of gamers will ever experience anything like that as everything is within reach now. However, back then, the whispers and rumours of Crysis’s demanding hardware requirement to run the game were unprecedented. And the cost of owning such hardware to run the game itself was all but a pipe dream to most.

Over time, it even became a meme but not as a joke. It was a reminder that no matter how grand your PC build was, you better check if it can run Crysis first. It has become a form of unspoken benchmark for PC builders.

Now years later, Crytek is back again with the same old question for gamers, can it run Crysis?

Crytek breaks boundaries once again with Crysis Remastered.

Earlier this year, players got their first look at the upcoming Crysis Remastered, and many were disappointed. The game didn’t seem to have been improved or polished with any new upgrades. It looked almost the same as it did when it first came out and some people were even jokingly calling it, ‘Crysis: Your PC Can Run It Now Edition’.

Well, it seems like Crytek might have heard that and also taken it to heart. Earlier today, Crytek released a trailer with all their fancy upgrade and slapped us with their latest version of the game, ‘Crysis: Your PC Will Self Destruct Now Edition’. Well played, well played indeed, Crytek.

The trailer shows off the game’s amazingly detailed effects, upgraded textures, and so much more. Crytek will also be making history becoming the first game to support ray tracing on the current generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. Crytek went all out on this remaster, then again it won’t exactly be a Crysis game if it doesn’t get pushed it to its limits.

The game honestly looks so remarkable that I’m already considering to get it for myself! But even I have to ask myself, if can I run Crysis? Crysis Remastered is already available on the Nintendo Switch and will soon release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms on September 18.

For more information on the game, you can click here to visit Crysis official site.

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