Miles Morales is becoming a hero in his own right.

When Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man arrived on the PS4, it changed superhero games forever, especially for Marvel. DC always held it’s own in the gaming sector with it’s Batman Arkham Series, but Marvel only had it’s Lego games that were a constant.

So when Spider-Man came out and blew everyone’s mind, it became one of the biggest things, to have occurred on the PS4. The game was remarkably fun, highly detailed and most importantly had a great storyline that impacted audiences on an emotional level. It even introduced Miles Morales in a meaningful way and integrated him into the story as the protege of Peter Parker.

Gamers have been speculating that next Spider-Man game might herald Miles as the next Spidey protagonist, but Insomic decided that Miles needed his own game, at least a standalone one, and I’m all up for it!

Miles Morales is no Peter Parker and that’s perfect!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes place a year after the original game, where you’ll get to play as Miles who has come into being his very own spidey. Since its reveal, we have been waiting to see more of the gameplay footage, and now we finally got a chance.

During the PlayStation 5 Showcase, Insominic introduced us to how different Miles plays as a character as opposed to Peter Parker. It was like looking at a whole new game with everything that was happening!

With flashy fighting styles that incorporated his electricity ability to create insane combos, the ability to turn invisible and perform sneak attacks anytime, and those showy acrobatic moves during dodges; proves that Miles is standing on his own.

The overall game play and detail of the game look exceptional on the PS5 as well. And the fact that it launches on the same day as the next-gen console, on November 12 is just icing on the cake. As for those planning to get the PS5 console on a later date, you’ll still be able to enjoy Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the PS4 and still receive a free next-gen upgrade.

The game will be available in two versions. The standard edition Spider-Man: Miles Morales will cost you US$59.99. Whereas, the ultimate edition will cost you US$69.99 and will include the original Spider-Man game that’s entirely remastered for the new console.

So get ready to swing into the new-gen consoles as Spider-Man! And for more information on the game, click here to visit the PlayStation Blog.

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