If you tuned in to Nintendo’s Pokémon-centric press conference earlier, you would have already heard about Pokémon Sleep. Set to launch in 2020 for mobile devices in 2020, it’s a game that aims to make sleeping fun by “giving players something to look forward to when they wake up”.

If players can choose their favourite Pokemon to sleep with as part of the app or game, consider me sold.

How Pokémon Sleep works

The game will work in tandem with a new gadget, Pokemon Go Plus +, which will send “sleeping information” back to the player’s phone via Bluetooth. During the day, the Pokemon Go Plus+ can be used to play Pokémon GO!

An image of the Pokemon Go Plus +.

That’s why there’s currently an event going on in Pokémon Go – to, well, go along with the announcement of Pokémon Sleep. The event this time features Snorlax, a Pokémon well-known for sleeping, and players can easily catch a Snorlax with Yawn as part of its moveset.

If battling‘s not your style, this is a game that’ll probably be right up your alley. That, or if you’re prone to sleeping for hours on end, or if you just need a reason or reminders to sleep, then Pokémon Sleep is probably perfect for you. This relatability is exactly why the Internet has taken to making many, many memes about Pokémon Sleep.

What’s the Internet saying?

With names like Pokémon Go, Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon Home and Pokémon Bank, fans can’t help but make fun of the names of these games. One fan has photoshopped a couple of these titles together, into a relatable phrase that just about everyone can empathise with:

Some have poked fun at this naming style, coming up with alternative names for other similar, life-improvement based, Pokémon games:

On a more serious end, some people associate sleep with sleep paralysis. Of course, that means fanart and memes of sleep paralysis occurring as you’re playing Pokémon Sleep.

Sleep paralysis isn’t a fun experience, and is a phenomenon that can’t be tracked, but encountering a legendary Pokémon would arguably make the experience slightly less disturbing.

In any case, the game is definitely a commendable effort in encouraging people, or players, to get the rest they need. We can’t wait to find out how the actual game will work – soon, hopefully!

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