It seems like Computex has been the big go-to for product this year as yet again we see big players such as Dell reveal their product line-up during this period. Dell has put out a bevy of product announcements via a media press release and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Since there are simply too many product launches to fit in one article, I’ll only be highlighting the most interesting ones I could find in the press release.

Dell has kindly already summarized their key product launches which you can see below and we’ll be going through some of it in detail:

New Alienware m15 and m17 – Thin and lightweight gaming laptops designed from the ground up to optimise optional 9th generation Intel® Core™ mobile CPUs, NVIDIA® GTX® 16 and 20 series GPUs, new display technologies and feature Alienware’s new design ID, Legend

New XPS 13 2-in-1 – Modern, thinner design with up to 2.5 times more performance, and larger 16:10 display with 10th Gen Intel® Core processors

New XPS 15 – Powerhouse laptop combines 9th Gen Intel® Core processors, OLED display and moves innovative HD webcam to top bezel
Updated Dell G3 15 – Updated with new Game Shift feature to increase performance and the latest high-performance processors from Intel® and NVIDIA® GeForce GPUs

New Inspiron portfolio – Offers a range of new and versatile laptops, 2-in-1s and All-in-Ones, with fresh and contemporary designs, features, and prices for everyone for their respective needs
New Vostro portfolio – Caters to the needs of entrepreneurs with thin, light, and pack performance for small businesses

New and Updated Precision Workstations – New Dell Precision 5000 and 7000 series combines up to Intel® Xeon® E or 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and latest professional graphics, and updates to the 3630 and 3431 workstations to benefit space and budget-conscious businesses

Innovative Eyesafe® display – Low blue light technology for Alienware and G Series”

Dell press release


Dell XPS 15 7590

If I were to look for a poster child for a great thin and light laptop for office work, I would look no further than the Dell XPS 15 9570. Dell seems to have flipped the numeric designation of this new XPS model, however, as it is now named the XPS 15 7590. According to the release, the first number designation, 7, will now be the serial for Dell’s premium line-up of laptops.

As Dell spokesperson Frank Azor said previously, the new refresh of the XPS 15 line-up will now restore the webcam back to its rightful position; on the top of the screen, while retaining the slim bezels that everyone, including me, loves so much.

Taking a gander at the technical specifications, it looks like not much has been changed with regards to the laptop other than your standard upgrade to the next generation Intel and Nvidia parts. Dell has not changed much with regards to the core components of this device: It still features a nice 4k panel from Sharp IGZO/AUO, complete with a good selection of ports together the premium design and good build quality of the previous generation XPS 15 so no surprises here.

What is interesting to note is that Dell will now provide the highest end i9-9980HK as an option in this chassis; no doubt following in the footsteps of players like ASUS from what we’ve seen with their Zenbook Pro line-up.

I feel like it is a little optimistic of Dell to think that the chassis is able to adequately cool this unlocked Intel chip as it seems like no cooling changes have been made (they would advertise it otherwise) and that a more powerful GPU is also nowhere to be seen. But I guess time will tell when the product hits store shelves.

There is currently no stated launch date for the XPS 15 but it has been stated to go from $999 USD for the base model and $1,899 USD for the OLED model.

Alienware m15 and m17

There is good news coming to the Alienware m series line-up; these laptops will no longer come with a 2.5” drive bay and will instead come with another SSD slot for all your storage needs. In my review of the unit, I had lamented on the fact that the 2.5” Drive Bay was even in such a high-end configuration; though ultimately it did not affect the machine or the review.

A 2 SSD configuration is my recommendation to OEMs looking to provide the high end thin and light experience. Not only does it slightly reduce the weight, the extra space can be allocated for better cooling or a bigger battery; something I valued far more than a 2.5” Drive Bay. Dell is doing it right with the second-generation revision of this laptop by giving us a larger (76Wh compared to 60Wh) battery in exchange instead.

Once again, there will be a variety of CPU, GPU and Display options available for configuration ranging from the lowly i5-9300H to the high end i9-9980HK, the entry-level GTX 1650 to the high end RTX 2080 Max-Q.

Certain displays will also come Eyesafe certified; you can find the information about this certification above. The available display options will also includ a large variety of panel options that will cater to both gamers and content creators.

These laptops will be available from $1,499 USD come June 11th.

XPS 13 2-in-1

Last but not least, their 2-in-1 XPS design just keeps getting generationally better; not only being thinner and lighter than last generation, I applaud Dell for continuing to maximise the use of space without compromising on the quality.

It features not only the premium design quality that we also see on the Microsoft Surface laptop, but an even better use of space with keyboards extending to the absolute end of the device, ensuring that the size of the keys will be as comfortable to type on as possible. While the specifications appear to be mostly unchanged except from an Intel CPU refresh, they did re-design the cooling of the device to better cool the hardware components:

“Traditional heatpipes would not be capable of rejecting the heat, so Dell developed an ultra-thin vapor chamber to maximize heat rejection, keeping the CPU cool under max turbo. Hidden exhaust vents in the hinge also help with airflow and a slight ramp aids in lifting more heat out”

Dell Press Release

Hopefully this means that the new generation device would be quieter than before, a priority for business and work centric laptops.

The 2-in-1, like the XPS 15, also do not have any release dates yet but the pricing has been revealed; it will cost a modest $999 USD at the base configuration.

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