Amidst the launch of Uniqlo’s latest Pokémon collection and an upcoming Pokémon Direct for Pokémon Sword and Shield, comes even more announcements. Pokémon Masters, an entirely new game for mobile devices, has been revealed.

When did this happen?

This reveal came as part of a press conference that took place on Tuesday. The game comes as the product of a partnership between the Pokémon Company and mobile game publisher DeNA.

Avid fans of the mainline Pokémon games (think from as far back as the original Red, Blue and Green, to the recent Pokémon XY) have tons to look forward to with this game’s release. After all, Pokémon Masters will be bringing back our favourite Pokémon trainers that we’ve battled in the past!

From the trailer and the game’s teaser art, we can see a large lineup of notable trainers. Looks like we’ll be getting appearances from iconic gym leaders like Misty and Brock, to rivals like Green, and even Pokémon League Champions like Cynthia and Steven!

What else can we expect?

Clearly, Pokémon Masters is a gift of a game that keeps on giving. Fans of the mainline Pokémon games will also be glad to know that gameplay will be involving battling! The first trailer for the game shows the player in the midst of a triple battle, commanding their Pikachu. The Pikachu is shown to have two blank slots – presumably, for more moves.

If the cameos from famous trainers weren’t enough for you, there’s more! It seems as though players will be able to team up with their favourite trainers in battle, and even interact with them!

We’re not sure how we’ll be meeting these trainers in-game, though. Maybe through a random draw using in-game currency (like in most “gacha” games), or through a story-mode where they become your allies after defeating them in battle. The possibilities are endless!

While there isn’t much information on the game just yet, we do know that it’s expected to be released on mobile devices sometime within 2019. That, and more details will be coming next month, according to the press conference footage. In the meantime, you can check out the game’s first reveal here:

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