Looks like in true Nintendo fashion, Nintendo has arranged for a short conference to announce Pokémon-related news that is ahead of E3 this year. This 30-minute segment has just concluded via Twitch without much fan-fare but there were some interesting news that may interest fans of the series.

Let’s take a look below; you can also view the conference yourself via this twitch link:


No image has been provided for the switch version, so heres the 3DS one!

Detective Pikachu 2 announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that a sequel to Detective Pikachu on the 3DS, is now coming to Switch. While no details have been revealed yet including the release date, the game is definitely in development and I suppose we would hear more about this soon via Nintendo Direct.

Pokémon Home announced

In an effort to provide users with cross region/device compatibility, Nintendo announced today that they will be creating a cloud service to store your Pokémon for cross device transfer.

As of now, only select titles in the franchise are available with this feature but the previous iteration of this concept, Pokemon Bank, is included as well. They have also announced that you’ll be able to trade on your phones by using the provided app so you could trade on the go.

This service will launch sometime in early 2020.

Pokémon Sleep announced (with Pokemon Go++)

In a valiant effort from Nintendo to turn every waking (and non-waking) moment of your life into Pokemon, Nintendo announced Pokemon Sleep for mobile devices.

According to the presenter, it is to allow players to have something to look forward to when he/she wakes up; a neat idea, although no details have been given on what exactly constitutes the person sleeping which could be open for abuse. I mean, for all Nintendo knows, you might be the human equivalent of Snorlax for all they’re concerned if you get my drift.

The App works in tandem with a new pocket device, named Pokémon Go++, to send “sleeping information” back to your smart device which I’m assuming will launch alongside the app. This new device will also work like the existing Pokémon Go+ but now it would have the tacked on sleeping functionality on top of it.

Nintendo is also exploring new ways for them to implement this concept into Pokémon Go itself.

Pokémon Masters announced for Android and iOS

FINALLY! Looks like Nintendo, in partnership with DeNA, is finally looking to make a game with proper battle mechanics like the mainline games. While not much has been revealed, the presenter has said that Famous Pokémon trainers from the series and games will appear in this title and are integral to the game.

In the short gameplay footage released, we saw a glimpse of a Visual-Novel style interface, indicating some sort of storyline being played out as the player interacts with Pokémon champion Cynthia. It looks like Pokémon champions from other regions are featured as well, as we can see Pokemon champion Lance featured in the splash art.

The footage also details a combat system, this time featuring a 3-on-3 style battle as an example, where players can choose their moves much like the mainline games.

More details will be revealed in the upcoming Nintendo Direct for Pokémon Sword and Shield coming June 5th.

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