In lieu of the announcement from Nvidia over supporting content creators via their “Nvidia Studio” ecosystem, Gigabyte has announced a new line-up of the Aero series that was designed with this in mind and boy are the specs looking juicy for this one.

It looks like Gigabyte has spared no expense at creating what appears to be my ideal laptop when it comes to the portability front; 2 SSD slots and a huge-ass battery without a Hard Drive bay in sight together with color accurate display, a variety of ports including a fast SD card slot in something that is reasonably sleek but still packs adequate cooling for the hardware inside.

Below are the specifications of these new Aero laptops:

While I personally rate laptop designs pretty low on my priorities, this new device doesn’t look too gamer-y with only a tactful number of accents on the lid of the laptop; perfect for office and professional use.

Looks like the cooling of the laptop has been upgraded from the current Aero models as well:

“ The AERO creates a simple yet complete chassis that still has a contemporary, clean and unique design. On the cooling side of things, GIGABYTE implemented an all-new Supra Cool 2 cooling technology, with two fans that consists of 71 blades each, 5 full copper heat pipes,11 intake and exhaust vents and an added touch of thermal paste from leading innovator Thermal Grizzly’s TG-H-001-RS thermal paste.”

Gigabyte Press Release

This is good news for people who prefer a more silent machine; doubly so for the current RTX GPUs that some of these models will ship with. Since the current generation Aeros did not get an upgrade in cooling from their Pascal counterparts, the cooling re-design is very welcome in my opinion. The slight increase in the weight compared to the current series will also help with the heat dissipation.

Below mentioned is also the release date for the laptops, which is very soon within a few months’ time!

“Planned for 2019 June,the 15”AERO 15 and AERO 15 OLED highest configuration comes with Intel® Core™ i9-9980HK processor and NVIDA GeForce RTX™ 2080 graphics chip. Additional flavours include Core i7-9750H paired with RTX2060 and RTX2070 Enthusiast GPUs. The brand new 17” form factor version, AERO 17,is planned for 2019 August release”

Gigabyte Press Release

Please look forward to our own review of this unit as I am definitely interested in picking up one of these myself!

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